Everyone loves flashlights. Especially the team at LUXPRO! We have been designing and engineering flashlights since 1999. In 2006 Simple Products introduced a new line of LED aluminum lights and since then, we have been supplying retailers, government, and companies in just about every trade.

Features make the difference. Simply put, the LUXPRO family of lights incorporates more features at a lower cost. Our unique and patent pending, self-selling “Try Me” style packaging gives the customer the opportunity to immediately recognize the high-quality feel and extremely bright LED electronics incorporated into each light. It makes for a great customer experience and much higher sell-through for our retailers.

Simple Products is a proven, reliable supplier. We provide products that sell quickly and merchandisers that maximize profit-per-square-foot. We recognize the importance of a successful flashlight program and provide all the tools and knowledge to make that happen including quarterly promotions and special sales.

Visit LuxProFlashlights.com for more information about our products and to place orders online.