LUX-PRO Flashlights

LUXPRO has been in the business of engineering flashlights since 1999. In just the last decade alone, the advancements in lighting technology have been exponential and as a result, LUXPRO has been developing new flashlights constantly with ever-improving electronics, higher lumen values and greater durability.

It’s the little things that often make the biggest difference and the LUXPRO family of lights incorporates more features, more lumens and better quality at a lower cost. The retail experience has been a point of emphasis and our unique and patented, self-selling “Try Me” style packaging gives the customer an opportunity to immediately recognize the high-quality feel and extremely bright LED electronics incorporated into each light. All these elements together make for a great customer experience at the point of purchase and the one-of-a-kind, hands on experience has proven a much higher sell-through for our retailers than any other brand.

LUXPRO is a tested, proven, reliable supplier for retailers great and small. We provide products to several of the largest selling chain stores in America where quantities and supply time lines are paramount to ongoing success. They trust us that our products will arrive on time, every time, that our lights will sell quickly and that our merchandise maximizes profit-per-square-foot. We recognize the importance of successful lighting programs and provide all the tools and knowledge to make that happen including quarterly promotions and special sales.

As of February, LUXPRO moved their operation into a brand new, 80,000 sq ft facility.  Experiencing triple figure growth for years, LUXPRO supplies lights to over 5500 store locations in the US.  Sporting goods, government issued, home improvement, emergency preparation, automotive, farming and almost every conceivable trade store have replaced most all their lights for the LUXPRO brand.

The LUXPRO mission to innovate and improve all aspects of our business reflects on the ever—growing number of sales for our retailers. We encourage every store to test our products and see first hand the sell-through capabilities that thousands of retailers have experienced.

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